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Our Purpose – We are all experiencing unprecedented times, during all the craziness we are doing our best to be creative to help support our small businesses.  Small businesses are what makes up our communities economy and the engines that run our National economy.
So we are asking for the people of each city/town/state to help us support the small businesses in each of your communities. The Local & Loyal T-Shirt Project is a small way for us to band together to drive funds to the beloved companies and businesses that we cherish so that when this all clears they can be operational again.Out of state business we got you covered, contact us have your state as the logo!
We all know a small business owner, and employees of these small businesses that are hoping and praying their doors will open again/they will have a job to return to. Let’s do our part to make this happen!! $11 per shirt sold going directly to your business of choice!
How It Works – How to order your Local & Loyal t-shirt:
  • Buy direct from our site!!


  • Find our Venmo @northmensales (pictured below)
  • Include your shirt size & small business of your choice to receive donation & shipping address
  • Price is $21 + $4 shipping flat rate
  • Call or text Marc @ 781-572-2160.
How You Can Really Help – Do not stop there, if we all blast this campaign out by sharing it on all our social media pages, within our group texts, and word of mouth. Then we can really make an impact with our small businesses!!
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** All sales are final, no sales tax, + 4$ shipping costs.